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~Sold Horses~


BES Fabelhafte Amelie

(OMR John Henry x PR Tallys Tattletale)

A.k.A Amilia

2015 15.3hh 3/4 Arab, 1/4 Standardbred mare.

Bred to run, very agile and extremely athletic, super sweet personality and loves to be messed with. 

Heather, can't wait to see you and Amelia at some rides. 

BES Soumra Bint Karah

(Karahty's Karbon Kopy x PR Audacious Heiress)

A.k.A Soumra

2013 Bay 3/4 Arabian/ 1/4 Standard bred mare.

Excellent bloodlines: another Wazir's Karahty granddaughter

  • 1375 Endurance miles

Shyla, congrats on Soumra's 100 mile completion!


BES Little Wanderer

(Spirit of Jozef x Sakhir Kalina)

A.k.A Gizmo

2009 14.3hh Purebred Arabian Gelding

365 endurance miles
3 wins
2 BCs

Melissa, always great to see you and Gizmo at rides!


BES Belle Pepper

(KK El Fareed x Tali Princess Halima)

A.k.A Pepper

2015 15.1hh Purebred Arabian Mare.

Pepper is very sweet, has a floating trot and loves attention. Lots of endurance potential.


Lila, Congrats to your and Peppers Tevis completion! <3

BES White Socks

A.k.A Socks

2011 15.2h Purebred Grade Arabian Gelding. 
3rd place on his first 25 milers with high vet score
Won his second LD

Jennifer, thanks for giving Socks a forever home!

BES Putyourmoneyonme

(Belizimo PGN x Searyn)

A.k.A Belle

2011 14.3hh Purebred Arabian Mare.

75 endurance miles

Sue, happy trails with Belle!

BES Beanz


​A.k.A Beans

2016 17hh gelding

Won 30 mile race with a 48/44 CRI

  • Completed 3 LDs and 3 50s
  • Great recoveries.

Congrats September and Beanz on finding each other!

2008, 15.2hh, Flashy unregistered Gelding.
  • 2 wins
  • 2 BCS
  • 100% completion rate
  • Proven 100 miler
  • Completed a 3 day pioneer all in the Top 5 with a 36/36 CRI all three days. Phenomenal pulse and recoveries.

Congrats to Al Magaweer Stables on your purchase of Chromeo

A.k.A Chromeo

BES Oregon Chrome


SS Calypsos Sherman

(Calypso OS x SS Certainleheeb

​A.k.A Shermie

2016 Purebred Arabian Gelding.

Proven 100 mile horse with 48/48 CRI and highest vetscore. 

Looking forward to following Jenna and Shermie's endurance success!

SS Calypsos Lahar

(Calypso OS x SS Lahiria)

​A.k.A Lahar

2018 15.2hh Purebred Arabian gelding. Resting HR in the 20s. Super smooth, amazing mind.
Thanks, Heidi and Jon for giving Lahar a great home:)
2015, 15hh, Purebred Arabian Gelding.
  • 30 mile completion
  • 1 Highest Vet-score

Congrats to Molly and Ashley on your purchase of  Zorro:)


(Calypso OS x SS Alexandrea)

A.k.A Zorro

SS Calypsos Zorro


BES Sunset in Sisco​

(OMR John Henry x PR Moondanzer)

A.k.A Sisco

2015 15.2hh Purebred Arab Gelding.

​Very proven bloodlines. Dam was top-ten Tevis finisher. Super well built. Friendly and great conformation. Lots of character.

Sisco found a loving home with his big sister, Rumor. Can't wait to see you bring Sisco to his potential, Judy!  

OMR Quicksan

(OMR John Henry x Sansational Lady)

​A.k.A Q

2011 15.3hh Purebred Arabian mare. She has everything it takes to be more than good. 
  • 1130 endurance miles
  • 12 wins
  • 4 100 mile finishes
  • 6 BCs
  • 5th place at TEVIS, Top-Ten at BigHorn 100
  • 2019 Won and BCed every race she finished, NW region national BC award 
  • Won the 2021 AERC 50 mile championships in 4:06, but was pulled due to rider error

Victoria, thank you for giving Quicksan a wonderful home!

Focus Farino

(Focus Veejin bey x Focus Farina)

A.k.A Focus

2006 15.3hh gorgeous gelding

  • 2 50 milers in 2nd and 5th place with a 48/48CRI
  • Beautiful big, strong and correct legs, great conformation, deep chest, short body, balanced, a 100 mile rocking horse, extremely smooth lope, easy to pace but he likes it fast...

Congrats Veronica and Rashid from Al Raad Stables on your purchase of Focus.

Skywalker SF

(Sir Fame HBV x Pskyla)

A.k.A Luke

2009 16hh stunning Purebred Arabian gelding.

  • 280 endurance miles
  • 4 wins
  • 3 BCS
  • Got pulled on the finish line of Tevis in 17th place

Congrats to Zoe and her family on their purchase of Luke!


OMR Rumor Travel Fast

(OMR John Henry x PR Tallys Tattletale)

A.k.A Rumor

2012 15.3hh 3/4 Arabian, 1/4 Standard bred mare.

Beautiful, most efficient mover. Absolutely most amazing 100 mile lope, very effortless mover. Low HR, big legs, nice feet.


Rumor and Sisco found a loving home with the Shumway family. 

Debonaire JS

(A Knights Reflection x Jhb Debutante )

A.k.A Joey

2012 15.3hh Registered Half-Arabian (NSH) gelding

  • 1st and 6th place in 2 25 mile races

Congrats Joy! So happy you and Joey found each other.

AC Omatay


A.k.A Marti

2007 15.3hh Purebred Arab gelding.

  • 915 endurance miles
  • 1 BC

Congrats Mari, on your purchase of Marti!

NEH Sensatio​nal Shai

(Sanskrit x Brumarba Aisha)

A.k.A Shai

2005 16 hh Purebred gelding.

Proven multiday, fast 50s and 100s.

  • 755 endurance miles
  • 1 win
  • 2 BCs
  • Fastest 75 miles in 6:49
  • Finished Tevis 2013

Congrats Heather and Jeremy on your purchase of Shai!

Podesta DWA

(Pogrom x Ame​s Victoria)

A.k.A Fynn

2016 15.2hh Purebred Arabian Gelding
2nd place in first 25 and won BC
50 completion in 3rd place.

Sara, hope to see you and Fynn at Tevis someday!

ELA Khomanche

(GS Khochise x ELA Shania Lee)

A.k.A Pre

2005 15hh Purebred Arabian Gelding

  • 630 endurance miles
  • 5 wins
  • Finished 2 days at Owyhee Canyonlands both days with a 40/40 CRI and winning the first day
  • Proven 100 mile and 75 mile horse.

Karie, wishing you and Pre lots of fun miles together. 

JT Psynsation

(Pssygnature x JT Jazzy Lady)

a.k.a JT

2008 16hh Purebred Arab gelding.

210 endurance miles
100% completion rate
100% top-ten finishes
So happy to see you and JT doing so well Trish!

JT Psymply A Lady

(JT Psynsation x JT Alluring Lady)

A.k.A Girly

2012 15.1hh Purebred Arabian Mare.

Good bloodlines. Extremely athletic, and loves to run. Great conformation. Very sweet personality and loves attention.

100 endurance miles
Athena, congrats on your purchase of Girly!


Mida Special VF

(Midas VF x Bask Special VF)

A.k.A Mickey

2009 15.2hh Arabian Gelding.

175 endurance mikes
2 wins
2 BCs
Phenomenal recoveries 42/46 CRI on first race
Valarie, thanks for giving Mickey and Twix a perfect home!


Le Bron

(Vatican MF x RL Zabrina)

A.k.A Twix

2008 15.2hh Arabian Gelding.

300 endurance miles
Completed 5 50s and 2 LDs.
Twix couldn't have found a better match than with Valarie and Mickey!

SRR Zaharrah Zhanda   


A.k.A Sahara

2005 Arabian mre. Nubira's little sister.


Found a loving home in Canada.

SRR Touareg

(Twin Fir Victor x PR Paschal Danzer)

A.k.A Touareg

2004 16hh Bay 3/4 Arabian 1/4 Standard bred Gelding. He is a stunning Son of Twin Fir Victor. 

SRR To The Rescue

(IBN Midnight Magic x HIA Bint Silal)

A.k.A Red

2008 15.2hh Arabian Gelding

325 endurance miles
2 wins
Resting Heart Rate of 26 BPM!!
Roxi, Congrats on your purchase of Red. 

SRR Nubira


A.k.A Nubi

2003 15.2hh mare. Sire was endurance champion AAA Amadeus son of Wazir Karathy,


              Barry and Linda Cole: Congratulations for Nubs' 2013 Tevis finish!!!!

PR Marathon

A.k.A Marathon

1997 14.3hhPurebred Arab gelding

1690 endurance miles
2 wins
4 BCs
Regional Best Conditioned Horse 2007
Betsy, sorry for your loss of Marathon. 

CR Firenzi​  

(FV Legacy of GA Zi x CR Secret Dezire)

​A.k.A Fire

2009 15.2hh Purebred Arabian gelding. Well-bred and very sweet. Phenomenal recoveries.
3st place 50 mile race
Ann, thanks for giving Fire a wonderful home.

Ben Smokin Hot

(HH Ben Muscat x Bey Kheprice)

A.K.A Ben

2009 15hh Purebred Arabian Mare

375 endurance miles
100% completion rate
Sharon, thanks for giving Ben a great home at Windhorse Mountain!


(Stival x Onchated)

A.k.A Olivia

2010 14.3hh Purebred Arabian mare

355 endurance miles
1 win
1 BC
Happy trails Rosanna and Olivia!

Khouvered In Roses

(CJA High Khaliber x RJO Kourimsonrose)

A.k.A Odesza

2012 14.2hh purebred Arabian mare


Congrats Tamsen and Neve! Always love seeing our horses go to juniors. 


The Resurgence

Afires Heir x Rumor Has It)

A.k.A Gardemasse

2016 15.2hh Purebred Arabian Gelding
2nd place and BC in his first 25 miler
Victoria, thanks for giving Gardi a wonderful home and we look forward to seeing you bring out the best in him

MP Rege​nt

(Enzo x Star Chance SA)

A.k.A Reggie

2014 16hh Purebred Arabian Gelding. Very beautiful and amazing personality.
Completed 1 35 mile race.
Stevie, thank you for giving Reggie exactly what he needs. Can't wait to see you bring out the best in each other.


SS Calypsos Thunder

(Calypso OS x SS Thunderjoi)

​A.k.A Thunder

2015 Purebred Arabian gelding. Very well built and great personality. 
Completed 1 30 miler in Top-Ten with highest vet score and 1 55 miler with 48/48 CRI.

Sandra, Wish you and Thunder many, happy miles together!

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