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Racing Halter

$20 per halter

Light-weight Paracord halters. Very durable, fun colors. Fits well under a bridle. Easy to adjust for your horse's head size.

Endurance Shoeing

Please contact Barrak for pricing

Barrak Blakeley is a AAPF certified farrier that graduated from a world renounced farrier school. Barrak has shod Tevis and Haggin cup winners. He specializes in endurance shoeing, EasyCare products, synthetic shoes, therapeutic shoeing etc. 

Chasing Dreams

By, Sanoma Blakeley

The true story of the youngest female Tevis Cup champion. 

Sanoma's Tevis memoir and additional blog posts. 

Performance Electrolytes

Message for pricing

We have spent years trying different electrolytes and none of them worked 100% the way we wanted. Either our horses would stop eating after administering or their energy levels would fluctuate during riding. After much trial and error we finally perfected our electrolytes so that horses keep eating after administrating and don't crash. We had them lab tested for accuracy.   

Endurance Coaching

$150 per month

Personalized coaching offered by 2019 Tevis winner Sanoma Blakeley. This coaching program will include a week-by-week training schedule adjusted to your horse's needs, consulting if you have questions, and as-needed tips about feed and supplements, shoeing, and race strategy. 

*We are currently not accepting horses for training. 

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