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~Retired Horses~

Full Brother and Sister:

MCM Last Dance

(RD Five Star x O-Rositraz Uranyz)

A.k.A Emmers

Amazing, big, bold, beautiful '97 Russian Arabian gelding 16.3hh.

Tevis 2014: Haggin Cup winner!! The oldest horse to win the Haggin Cup. He is a champion. After years of hard racing we have retired Emmers back to his breeders. 

Lady with A Past

(RD Five Star x O-Rositraz Uranyz)

A.k.A Try Again

1994 15.2hh Arabian mare. Champion through and through, with lots of wins and BC's. Has done under 4 hour 50's. Fast and incredible recoveries. Full sister to Haggin cup winner MCM Last Dance.

Now doing well as a happy broodmare at SAR. 

Top-Ten Tevis Finishers:


PR Moondanzer

(RF Raindancer x Falima)

A.k.A Moon

2001 15hh mare. Proven multiday and 100 mile.

100% top ten finishes except for Tevis 2013. Twice: three day 50 milers back to back finishing always strong. Finished Tevis 2016 in 7th.

Great recoveries, loving personality


(Unquestionablyhot x Devastating)

A.k.A Hami

2001 15.3hh NSH gelding. Great family horse. Super smart and has lot's of character. He finished Tevis in 2011 and in 8th place in 2014. He has been

Gabriela's main and favorite race horse for years, but it is time to retire him to lighter work 

Barrak and Sanoma's first endurance horses:


(Ray Dor Echo x Deception)

A.k.A Bugsy

2002 14.2hh gorgeous Arabian gelding. Amazingly low heart rate and phenomenal recoveries. Super trail companion, Great character, lot's of fun and play, and does not believe he is little. Perfect first endurance and kids horse.

MCA Midnite Champange

(Midnite Shadow V x Sweeter Than Wine)

A.k.A Midnite

2001 14.3hh Arab/NHS mare. 1660 competitive endurance miles and has never been pulled 30/30 completions. Nice strong legs, and SUPER smooth trot, she goes the distance like a metronome. Very loving personality, great babysitter. 

Wasch and Gabriela's First Racehorses:

Twin Fir Victor

(RD Five Star x Paluba)

A.k.A Victor

1994 Arabian gelding, 15.3h. After 8 years of racing and almost 3000 fast endurance miles we retired our first endurance horse. He is an amazing RD Five Star son with lots of personality. Complete​d Tevis twice.

Taii Myr

(Taii Pan x Alles Girl)

A.k.A Timer

1997 15.1hh Arabian gelding. Powerfully muscled and very agile and amazing pulser. Very affectionate and loves our juniors. Never been pulled and has 100% top 6 finishes, several wins and 6 BCs. Finished 2013 Tevis.


In Memory:


Splash of Amber


A.k.A Splash

2009 Liver chestnut gelding. 

Splash had a big heart, tons of personality and loved life. We miss you Splash.


SS Calypsos Comet

(Calypso OS x Unknown)

A.k.A Alex

2015 Purebred fleabitten grey, Arabian Gelding. 

Alex was the sweetest and kindest gelding. He will be dearly missed. 


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