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Sanoma has first Book Signing at Barnes and Nobles

Following the release Chasing Dreams: The True Story of the Youngest Female Tevis Cup Champion on July 25th, 2023, Sanoma has been a busy author. With the help of her publisher, she has organized several book signing and media interviews.

On Saturday, Sept. 2nd, 2023 Sanoma held her first ever book signing at the Barnes and Nobles in Bend Oregon. Prior to the event, Central Oregon Daily News covered the story of Sanoma and Goober's 2019 Tevis Cup win and book release. They also announced the book signing. This news story received over 350,000 views on YouTube, quickly becoming the news station's most watched YouTube Video. (Click here to watch that video)


The support at my first book signing was staggering. A line was already forming half and hour before the event was to begin. By the official time of the event, Barnes and Noble's had completely sold out of books. Not long after that, I sold out my stash of books and even gave away my personal copy. It was difficult to turn people away empty handed. Some had driven as far as 3 hours just for the book signing.

It was quite the experience! It was amazing to see old friends and make new ones. While we didn't have enough books for every one, there was no shortage of hugs, writers cramp or personal stories.

One of my highlights was peeking into a scrap book containing an photo from the Tevis Cup in 1976.

Another kind individual gifted me with a historic horseshoe they had found on their property in Central Oregon. It was heart touching to see the support and generosity of the community.

Please stay posted for more author events coming up!

Happy dreaming!


(Central Oregon Daily's post event coverage)


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