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January Blog: Setting Goals in the New Year

As the new year gets underway, I am sure there are a lot of new years resolutions going into affect and we just wanted to take this blog post to bring out a few fun reminders about goals. 

With the snow flying and the temperatures barely getting above 0, now is a great time to do some ride season planning and dreaming about warmer weather and the ride season starting back up. It’s also a great time to set some goals:)

“The Best time to set goals is not Monday, not the first of the month, not tomorrow, but today!”

This blog is mainly just some reposted information since these last few weeks have been super busy, but it’s still great information. 

About 6 months Sanoma wrote a blog post for riding warehouse (shootout to our favorite tack store:))

There are 4 great tips on how to set goals and 5 tips to help achieve them. 

Here is a little video that Sanoma and had about goal setting. 

Warning: promotional posts ahead!

Pitch alert: So, what if you are having a hard time taking this endurance journey alone? Be sure to check out Sanoma’s coaching program. Sanoma will help you set some goals and support you in reaching them through her coaching program with custom made training schedules and endurance expertise. Please visit: for more info on joining the inner circles of Blakeley stables. 

So what if you are struggling with motivation? Be sure to reach out and buy a copy Chasing Dreams and ask Sanoma to write an inspirational quote in it:) It might just give you the motivation you need. And it might just do the opposite and keep you inside on the coach. 

Never stop dreaming! A goal is an amazing tool that can work as a dream catcher in a sense. Please drop some of your goals and dreams in the comment section below and  keep scrolling to see some of ours!

Blakeley Stables 2024 goals:

  • Have fun! As always we firmly believe this is rule number 1. As long as we are having fun, the rest doesn’t matter. 

  • Find new homes for Satchel and Gus

  • Get Goober a completion in his 10th endurance season (too many different riders for a decade award)

  • Sanoma wants to compete abroad

  • Get Pyro and Goober their 5th Tevis

  • Spend more time on the basics of riding

  • Help new riders to learn to ride and get involved with horses

  • Blog more regularly

  • Oh, did we mention having fun?!

And just remember, if your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough:). 


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