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100 Miles in One Day: Sanoma's Trail Essentials

100 miles in twenty-four hours can require a lot of prep work, mentally and physically. To prepare for this extensive ride, sponsored Sanoma Blakeley has given us her top four items that she says are necessary to make it to the finish line. Read below to see her essential products for the big 100-mile ride!

Photo Credit (Above): Lynne Glazer


There are so many products that go into getting ready for Tevis and just as many more that I use for the race itself. However, here are a few of my favorites that I like to use on race day.

The Tevis trail is extremely rocky and the Easycare Glue-Ons offer great hoof protection along with plenty of grip and traction for riding on asphalt and granite rocks. Out of all the things to worry about at Tevis, with Glue-ons, I don’t have to worry about my horse's feet. They don’t rub and if applied correctly, don’t come off. There is no other hoof protection I would trust on Tevis as much as the glue-ons.

Even though I hardly ever ride with a saddlebag, Tevis is one ride I need the extra storage. I prefer the EasyCare Pommel Bag, since I can keep my eyes forward, while still getting out what I need. Between the extra storage for human hydration, equine electrolytes, chapstick and “in case of emergency” supplies this pommel bag makes me feel I have everything I need, without being too bulky.

In a race where cooling is so important, having a good, reliable sponge is vital. The fact that you can sponge without dismounting is very nice.

Essential #4: Roma Headlamp

Another Tevis essential is a headlamp. Starting in the dark, and ending in the dark there is nothing more important than a headlamp. But riding in the night is a wonderful thing, so don’t use the headlamp too much! To learn more about riding in the darkness, be sure to review Sanoma's blog on embracing the dark!

With these basic necessities in hand, you too can have a successful ride. Find all of your essentials needed for a trail this tough here at Riding Warehouse!


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