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Once in a lifetime opportunity!

This could be your chance to own one of the best bred, top Arabians in the world. We are excited to announce our new relationship with Chera and Mustafa from Ottoman Arabians, to promote their horses in the sport of endurance. If you are interested in one of their horses, please contact us. 

Weanlings - 10-year-olds sired by Calypso OS and polish dam lines available. 

The Sabankaya's have been breeding top Arabians for over 50 years. Their breeding program goes back to the pure polish lines of Kuhaislan Haifi. 

Bogdan Zientraski's 1931 expedition to the Ruala Tribe, where the best and toughest warhorses have been bred for centuries. One of the passages that were written about Kuhailin Haifi applies to many of Mustafa's horses:

"Finally I hear a neigh, they guild the stallions... they lead the bay Kuhailan Haifi. My legs buckled under me, it is just the horse I am looking for. Not large, dry, on splendid legs without any trace of cow hocks. A long neck, noble head, although not very small, with distended, thin, and moveable nostrils; a splendid high carried tail. I feel, for the first time in my life, that during the purchase of a horse I am fainting..."

Zientrarski was one of the world's leading experts on Arabian horses at the time, so that statement carried more weight coming for the expert. While bringing the horses from the Ruala Tribe back to Poland, Zientrarski wrote that Kuhailan Haifi was just getting warmed up after the several hundred-mile journey to the seaport. 

Some reasons you would want to own an Arabian for Ottoman Arabians:

  • Extremely well bred, Polish lines
  • Phenomenally low heart rates and recoveries
  • Straight legs, good bone and correct feet
  • Amazing action and movement, powerful and flashy
  • Raised on thousands of acres, running and playing
  • Very good dispositions 
  • Drop-dead gorgeous
  • Beautiful movement
  • Incredible minds / levelheaded
  • Easy to work with
  • Smart
  • Many successful polish race lines in these horse's pedigrees 

We have the privilege to own several of Mustafa and Chera's colts and we are extremely excited to compete with these champions. 

SS Calypsos Cardamom has completely a 25, 30 ,50 and 55 mile race with us. He came in first on all 4 an, won BC and had the highest vet score on 3 of the races. He finished the 30 miler with a 44/36 CRI. 

SS Calypsos Sherman completed a pioneer ride, 155 miles with 48/48 CRIs on his first endurance season, 8 months after being started undersaddle. 

We have been working with several stallions, and they are the best-minded horses. You would never guess they aren't geldings. Having been completely unhandled, not even halter broke. We were taking the 5-year-old stallion on trail rides a month after having the halter on for the first time. 

Please contact us if you are interested in more information and details. Ottoman Arabians have asked us to be their representatives for promoting endurance horses and have asked that inquires regarding endurance prospects go through us to find some select homes. Thank you!


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