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~About us~

Our Story

Blakeley Endurance Stables est. 2013

Endurance - our passion

Horses have always been an important part of our family. In 2003 our friend Dolly DeCair introduced us into the sport of endurance and in 2004 we did our first endurance race. Barrak and Sanoma grew up riding and raced for the first time when they were 7 years old. We love being competitive and have striven to push ourselves and our horses to new limits.

Together as a family we have:

  • 23,050 endurance miles
  • 86 wins
  • 64 BCs
  • 34 100 mile completions
  • 21 Tevis finishes and
  • 13 Top-Eight Tevis finishes
  • 2 Tevis wins
  • 1 Haggin Cup

How BES got started

Riding with two junior and having four entry fees is very expensive. To help support our passion, we began training endurance horses or selling a horse every year to pay for the ride entry's and expenses for the year. After a while it became more than just a way to pay for our rides as we saw the transformation our horses were making and now it is a passion. We love training horses for endurance and seeing other excel with them. In 2013 we created our website and established Blakeley Endurance Stables.

News coverage from Sanoma's 2019 Tevis Cup win:

Here is video featuring endurance riding with us in it.

-Oregon 100 September/ 2014:

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