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~News Update~

Please check out our updated sales list

Why would you want to get a horse from us?

These are our credentials:

  • 13 top-eight finishes at Tevis

  • Tevis win 2019 and 2022

  • 2 of our horses finished Top- 4 in Tevis 2023

  • 3 of our horses finished Top-5 in Tevis 2018

  • MCM Last Dance won the Haggin Cup at Tevis 2014

  • 100% Tevis completion rate for 2017 + 2018, 5 of 5 horses in the top-ten

  •  4 out of 5 of our horses finished Tevis 2013 

  • National Family award 2011+2012+2015 + 2016 and missed it 2014 by 30 points

  • Top 10 finishes with lots of wins and multiple BC

  • Proven Multiday and 100 milers

  • The condition of the horses speaks for themselves

  • Well trained horses, which are part of the family

  • We have raised or owned SRR and BES horses.


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As our slogan suggests, we believe in having a great time racing and playing. That is why Blakeley Endurance Stables provides an easy and friendly environment.

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